• Online Software Development

    Developing online software using all the latest technology available. Mostly projects are developed in PHP language using Phalcon Framework or Golang language with goFiber Framework at the backend. Frontends are developed using Plain HTML/CSS/JS combination or Javascript frameworks like Angular Framework or VueJS, depending on the requiments. For styling we use Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS frameworks. For database, MariaDB, Sqlite is used mostly. Other databases like MongoDB, Postgresql, MS Sql, Oracle can be integrated as and when the need arises.
  • Native Application Development

    We developed native GUI / CLI application only in C++ Language. Using C++ enables us to build faster and robust application which can run almost on any platform of Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • Mobile App Development

    All the app development is done in Flutter. We deploy the developed Application in Android Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Third Party Integration

    We also provide thrid party Integration like Payment Gateway like GPay, Stripe, Billdesk, CCAvenue, PayTM. Other agencies like Fastag, Happay, GPS API, Email, SMS, Telegram, Whatsapp. Container Status sites like LDB, Concor, Icegate and Shipping Lines website. GST related integration like eInvoice, eWay. Integration with commercial softwares like SAP, Infor / Tally Accounting Packages. Indian Custom filing software integration with VisualImpex, RoyalImpex and other related softwares.
  • Porting Legacy Application

    We also provide services to port old legacy application built in Foxpro, Clipper DB to name a few. Along with developing new software, we also provide services to migrate the Old Data into new Database.
  • Website Development

    We develop sites that are simple, elegant, fast and light with a target to open as quickly as possible, in compliance with (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.
  • Linux Server Maintainence

    We Deploy Linux Server to meet the client's requirements for Shared Storage Access, LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Virtual Machines, Mail Server, Web Server, Firewalls, etc. We have experience in installation of Debian Based Linux, FreeBSD, Archlinux. We also deploy servers for FreeNAS (TruNAS), pfSense, OPNSense, Samba Server, NextCloud, MiniIO, Gitea and many other as per the client's needs. We also maintain Google Cloud Platform (GCP) / Amazon Web Services (AWS) on our Client's behalf.
  • IT Personnel Training

    We hire and train IT personnel on behalf of client. The training includes maintaining of Servers, Networking, User Rights, Firewall and Solutions to common problem occurs in a office. Training also includes best practices on protecting againts hacking / ransomware attacks and how to plan and excute backups for recovery in event of a failure.