Meet the Core Team

  • Navin Vidhani


    Persuing PhD in Computer Science. Holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Loves to code in C/C++. Initially started developing softwares as a freelancer until he founded IDEX Solutions in 2009. Now mostly he works on Web Applications. He is also a System Admin, and manages Linux Servers. Loves to listen to Music.

  • Anand Chauhan

    Sr. Software Engineer and Branch Manager

    Persuing PhD in Computer Science. Holds Master Degree in IT and B.Tech(IT).Best in - System Design, Database Management & Programming. Loves Travelling, Online Surfing, and learning about life.Firmly believes in the law of ‘Karma’ and thus his nature proves to be a boon in his daily life. Managing and Working with Databases Blissfully Since 2012.

  • Jiya Vidhani

    Admin / Designer

    Holds the master degree in Commerce. Managing & Working on Web Designing in tailwind. Strongly believes in --"IT's not our job to be likeable, it's our job to be ourselves and the right people will gravitate". Loves to explore new places and always excited about learning new things.

  • Kanji Kangad

    Software Engineer

    Holds Bachelor's in Engineering in IT.Best in backend and frontend Programming.Works on technologies like JS, PHP Phalcon,Vue Js Frameworks.Work Exp.Since 2019.Loves Travelling and Music.

  • Sheetal Vinjoda

    Software Engineer

    Graduate B.E. in Computer Engineering with knowledge of frontend and backend development, experienced in PHP,JS, MySQL and other. Hands-on expertise with frameworks like Laravel and Phalcon. Passionate about food and eager to explore new things.

  • Hardik Makwana

    Software Engineer

    Holds B.E and Diploma degree in Computer Engineering. Works on languages like JS, Python - Django Framework & PHP - Phalcon Framework. Work experience since 2020.